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The origin story of Genesis isn’t unique. It was a group of friends talking about investment ideas in a group chat. The chat was on and off every single day.

Our group was made up of folks across all walks of life. Entrepreneurs. 20+ year real estate gurus. Equity analysts. Crypto junkies. CFA charterholders. Etc…

The idea generation among this group was something you’d never find in a Reddit thread. The convos were as if hedge fund insiders shared their best ideas at the watercooler… Raw. Authentic. Respectful. But with a “don’t take life too serious” undertone.

Turns out that’s where the magic happened.

These natural conversations led to discoveries which have led to massive gains. In Stocks AND cryptos.

Here’s a couple of returns from ideas generated from conversations in our chat.


  • 1,000% return on EXP World Holdings (EXPI)
  • 1,200% return on K92 Mining (KNTNF)
  • 1,000% return on Liberated Syndication (LSYN)
  • 950% return on Digital Turbine (APPS)
  • 300% return on Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL)
  • 650% return on Magnite (MGNI)


  • 13,000% return on Bitcoin
  • 14,900% return on Ethereum
  • 2,600% return on Binance Token
  • 2,300% return on Theta Token

We’re not showing these gains to brag. Rather we’re showing the life-changing investment opportunities when really smart people shoot the shit daily… good ideas happen.

These investment opportunities are the kinds hedge funds would easily pay hundreds of thousands for access. But you won’t have to pay anything near that.

You won’t even have to pay the regular $3,500 a year fee.

Because when you act now, you’ll lock in access to Genesis for just $995 per year with the inaugural member discount.

We’re leaving this discount open for the first 50 members to join. But we can guarantee we’ll never offer this discount again.

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